Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Workshop

We just returned from La Conner Washington, where I attended an Elizabeth Mowry Workshop.  It was a full workshop, to include artists at all levels of work.  Elizabeth was there for everyone, and it was wonderful.  I highly recommend her workshop.

I took some notes, but the highest value for me was a state of mind.  I had lost that sense of wonder and adventure in painting and Elizabeth gave that back to me with a few words of wisdom.  One of the ideas that will help me in my work is, "what if".  For me, this could be "what if" I change the shape of that mountain.  For example, near our home is a stand of pine trees with two humps in the background.  I love this stand of trees, but the two humps bother me.  With the idea of, what if, and the artist as a creator, I can give myself license to change those two lumps or humps into a more favorable distant mountain.  How wonderful, now I can take that stand of trees and have a more interesting landscape to show the viewer.

Elizabeth talks of "natural landscape components".  For me this goes along with the above idea, "what if".     Taking the natural landscape components and then using what if, to arrange into a more pleasing idea.  This is what I needed to know!

Let us see what I can do after this workshop.  The ideas sound nice but can I then turn these new thoughts into paintings?  Got to get to work and see what happens, in the mean time we need food, both cars need oil changes, Buckley needs attention, got to get organized after travel, and life goes on, but now with new thoughts and inspirations.


Ida M. Glazier said...

Sounds wonderful and great to have that "permission" from a great artist to "change" things and make them better, " What if" is a good mantra for being the plans for a work, and coming from someone like Mowery , you know its what artists do---and not wrong. Great!! Freedom, paint things beautiful, as you do. Sounds like a really good workshop - - -and wonderful to see actual photo's of this legand!

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Hi Ida! As I walked in the room and saw Elizabeth, I thought of course! She is refined and quiet and such a true Lady and it shows in her work. You see her work and you see her. I was pleased when she said we could take pictures, because the reminder of her spirit will help me remember the lessons.

I will share more thoughts as they bubble up.