Wednesday, September 21, 2011

*Revised* Bickleton Highway - it is about the scene

Bickleton Highway runs east of us moving from the mountain region to rolling dry land.  This land for many years has been used for cattle and a few sheep.  The ranchers must own many acres to support each animal.  Life can be harsh out here, the summers are very hot and dry.  The winters are dry with cold brisk winds.

For the painter it has all of the natural elements that allows for artistic flow of land and clouds and the sparse arrangement of trees.  Light and openness draws the viewer in.  Hawks are in abundance.

I hope to include some words of each painting as a gentle reminder to myself that painting is about the scene.  In recent days I have become aware of the practice of talking about the mechanics of painting.  The paint or the brush stroke.  One does not ask a writer to describe his typewriter.  I want to read the story.  With paintings it is the scene, and the viewing that is important.  I want this to go beyond the craft and into a dialog between the viewer and myself.


Donna T said...

I just enjoyed looking at all your recent work, Donna, and thank you for the workshop report. Like you, I hope to be able to look at nature in a new way. I'm glad you got some good direction from Elizabeth. She really has a gift for interpreting the landscape, doesn't she? Hello to Buckley!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Wonderful recession and color in the recession is so nice. Very lovely painting, Donna

Good work!

Also loved the accounting about Elizabths workshop---sounds wonderful to be able to paint and learn from this legendary painter.

Barbara said...

Nice Donna!

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Donna, Ida and Barbara. I am still savoring the workshop. Reading her books again, and getting some work done. Hope you all are Painting!