Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jack the Seagull

The windsurfer took me out along the Oregon Coast for a month long painting expedition.  Our home base was a little cottage along the rocky shores near Yachats Oregon.  I was looking for some interesting birds, and saw a few, but mostly Seagulls.  I had decided at some point in my life that Seagulls were not that interesting, and then we met Jack.

Jack lives in front of our cottage and rain or shine, night or day, we could see him perched on this rock looking for interesting things to eat.  He was tenacious, and interesting to watch.  The other Seagulls flocked together and fought for food in large groups, while Jack stood his lonely vigil.  We grew to love Jack and appreciated his fortitude.

Yes, I painted.  The ocean flora and fauna is a big change from my usual dry world on the East side of the mountains.  This challenged me.

Below are some photo's of our trip and the last lonely photo of jack.

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Donna T said...

Hi Donna! What a gorgeous place to visit and paint. I hope you came home with tons of inspiration. You were lucky to meet Jack and who knows, maybe he misses seeing you around.