Saturday, September 8, 2012


This is a photo from today.  As I paddled in, a dragonfly flew below me, right above the water.  He was beautiful.  From this vantage point I was looking up river.  I decided that this would be the perfect place to paint with a great composition and wonderful reflections.  A great example of how we do not get everything we want in painting.  The greatest of compositions could be in the middle of a river with umpteen feet of water below.  Even taking a camera out here to record the scene seems risky.  So I paused to enjoy the view and the dragonfly, came ashore and painted the scent looking down river instead.

This is the Columbia River beneath me, the Maryhill Bridge behind me, and way over in the upper right hand corner is Mt. Hood.


Donna T said...

I can't even imagine trying to paddle while standing up! That sure looks like an inspiring place, Donna, and how nice to have dragonflies to keep you company! I hope you have had a good summer.

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Hi Donna. It has been a good summer, but kind of strange. Started cool and windy, got suddenly hot, and now it seems like fall already. I am looking forward to a winter of pastel painting. I will be taking all those oil studies and developing them into something......I hope.

I hope you have a good summer and winter finds you painting.