Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where There is a Will There is an APP

We just returned from the Oregon Coast.  Painting along the ocean was a whole new experience.  There is so much going on that one gets dizzy.  The ocean while very beautiful is very violent.  At least where we stayed that is the sense of the place.  We were perched above a rocky coast with waves breaking and receding in a constant battle with the rocks.  It was wonderful. 

I thought about uploading photo's from my smart stuff to my blog and found out the only way to accomplish this task was to buy an App.  It amused me how about anything you want to do in life is now in the form of a new App.  I found the App and it was cheap, but the ocean was so captivating I decided it was not so important.

Then I started to notice the Pelicans. They fly over the water a few inches above the waves.  Looking through the binoculars, I was captivated by there comical expression.  They bend there necks at this odd angle and it makes for a cute goofy look.  They sure can fly and glide.  We were able to lookup Pelicans on our smart stuff and learned all about them.  Technology added to our vacation experience and our observations were sharpened with that knowledge.  We started to watch for Pelicans as they feed which was an amazing sight.  They fly high, then stall, then dive straight down into the ocean.  

I also painted at this location.  I liked this sandy bluff.  The painting is not so grand, but it was a wonderful place.  I might try this again in the studio and see if I can get a better painting to show.


Donna T said...

What a great vacation, Donna! I would be lost trying to paint the ocean but I'm glad you did it. Did Buckley go with you and if so, what did he think of the pelicans?

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Donna! At the last minute we decided to take Buckley to Happy Tails, his favorite kennel. He is ten and has some difficulty getting around on rocks and rough ground. This would have been very difficult for him so with sadness we did not take him. He loves the kennel owner Pat. When we picked him up he was rested and in good shape. We are enjoying our time with him and try to keep him protected from to much activity because he suffers. Our walks are now slow strolls. He does go painting with me when I can paint from the car. That way he gets to lounge around in his chair and bark at things when needed. He is happy as long as he does not overdo it. He is a gentle soul with a big heart.

ps, The pelicans were so far away that he might not have noticed them, but the seagulls would have driven him nuts. They were flying and landing on our vacation home, flying all around......noisy and nosey and always looking for a handout from hapless