Monday, July 6, 2009

In the Wind and a Quote - SOLD

This is a studio painting from a plein air reference and photo's.

Below is a quote from a book I am reading called "Digital Barbarism" by Mark Helprin. He writes about the Digital Age. A wonderful book. Here I am blogging in this digital age about a book encourages a life without so much digital influence. A life with less information, phones, PDA's, computer's, TV and so on, just might be a life worth living.
Because of our physical constraints we require a harmony of the elements that relate to us and of which we are often unaware. The Parthenon is a pleasing building, and Mozart's Fifth Piano Concerto a pleasing work, because each makes use of proportions, relations, and variations that go beyond subjective preference, education, and culture into the realm of universal appeal conditioned by universal human requirements and constraints.

A life lived with these understood, even if vaguely, will have the grace that a life lived unaware of them will lack.

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Anonymous said...

I love this painting!! Your paintings are so life like!! Keep up the wonderful work!!! They make me feel good when I view them.