Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inspired Creative Habits

The idea of painting every morning has brought back that joy and excitment that I experienced at the dawn of my painting. This joy and excitment can be compared to the first time I saw the ocean, or that first trip to a tropical island, it is like no other experience. Bringing this back into my life, each and every morning is a surprise. Making a habit out of something that I enjoy and finding inspiration from that joy seems to have divine influence.

The word "habit" tends to have a negative meaning, and throughout life we spend time trying to get over and around negative habits, like over eating, or watching tv, or wasting time. Trying to create a positive habit, is something that I am learning. By positive I do not mean, getting up and making the bed right away, or dusting, or weeding. By positive I mean doing something that is creative, something inspired, doing something that is animating and exalting.......painting!

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