Friday, July 11, 2008

The Early Morning Club

The idea of The Early Morning Club, is to get up and paint before you do anything. For me this goes against my morning routine and habits, and very difficult. The requirement for the Early Morning Club is you get up and paint, that’s it, no housework, no shower, and not even breakfast.

The idea is to meet first thing in the morning, came from Robert Genn and his letters to artist. Here is a quote and a link to his letter titled The Early Morning Club.

The minute you awaken, proceed like a zombie to your studio. Before your kettle has boiled, before you have checked your email, squeeze out and prepare your palette. Still in your jammies? Pajama painting is still not against the law. No matter how bleary or unwashed, start now--it's the imperative of drying palettes. Don't know what to paint? Doesn't matter. Start anyway--bold, expressive, blocks of forms and colours are preferable to lines.
This morning I walked down the hill to our little river to paint; it was about 7:00 am. I was waiting for the under painting to dry, and noticed three deer lurking about. They thought I looked very suspicious and spent a fair amount of time worrying about what I might do. Finally, they seemed satisfied that I was not going to give chase and moseyed along. A bit of company was kind of nice. Maybe they will join me again tomorrow, I thought they were grand!


Donna T said...

Thanks for showing the photo of the scene and your set-up,Donna. It's very helpful to me to see how and where you push colors to make a painting work. Too often, I paint what's there and end up with a ho-hum picture.

Celeste Bergin said...

I love that painting!