Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coyote Serenade - SOLD

This morning about 7:00 am, as I was painting this scene, suddenly I heard a pack of coyotes in the near distance. They were close enough to hear very clearly, but far enough that it did not raise the hairs on the back of my neck, almost though, it was grand!

My painting magically had a name and I had just started. Naming paintings can be a difficult thing to do, so when a name comes to me as I work, the painting takes on a persona immediately, as this one did. I thought of wild things, of being alone, of the quest and purpose for my being where I was.

Whenever I see a coyote they are always on the run, lean and wild, but somehow they seem at ease. Here is a poem that like. After hearing the coyotes and painting all alone, this came to mind, and made me feel close to what was around me, and reflects how it feels to be out painting in nature, being alone, and having a strong purpose.

Lone Dog
I’m a lean dog, a keen dog, a wild dog and lone,
I’m a rough dog, a tough dog, hunting on my own!
I’m a bad dog, a mad dog, teasing silly sheep;
I love to sit and bay the moon and keep fat souls from sleep.
I’ll never be a lap dog, licking dirty feet,
A sleek dog, a meek dog, cringing for my meat.
Not for me the fireside, the well-filled plate,
But shut door and sharp stone and cuff and kick and hate.
Not for me the other dogs, running by my side,
Some have run a short while, but none of them would bide
O mine is still the lone trail, the hard trail the best,
Wide wind and wild stars and hunger of the quest.

By Irene McLeod

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