Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Glass Onion Restaurant

West side of Klickitat County

East side of Klickitat County

A selection of work will be showing at the Glass Onion Restaurant and Gallery starting next week, July 24, 2012.  For this show in Goldendale, I am going to feature all works that tell a story about Klickitat County. 

The Glass Onion Restaurant and Gallery 

Klickitat County is a fascinating place.  The southern border stretches along the Columbia River.  Traveling up river from west to east, this County changes from green alpine forests and high cliffs of basalt to desert with features as seen above.  As you go further east the land gets even dryer and dryer with very few trees and more wind.  When we first moved here a realtor told me that the clouds that travel above Goldendale are called empties, how wonderful.

The North border of Klickitat County includes the crowning peak of Mt. Adams.  Much of the northern border is reservation lands with no development few people and fewer roads.  A big canyon cuts through this rugged land and is mostly inaccessible.  The Klickitat River flows down from Mt Adams through this deep canyon, where wildlife abounds along with a high population of rattlesnakes, which I hate.  If you are looking for land that is untouched and rivers that are wild without dams, if that is what you would like to see, this is the place.  In between the Mountains to the north and the desert south is some wonderful land that features groves of aspen and cattle country.  Big cattle ranches and fields of hay, fat healthy horses, all in the shadow of Mt Adams looming above it all.

When you return from your trip to the wild, then go to The Glass Onion Restaurant and Gallery which is a wonderful place to eat.  They pay special attention to detail and quality along with being friendly with great service.  Try it if you come to Goldendale.  My favorite items on the menu change as the menu changes periodically.  I love the fish tacos.  Today I think I would like to try the Zion Farms field greens, White Oak micro greens, cabbage, pepitas and sherry vinaigrette, with optional grilled natural free range chicken.  Yum.......


Donna T said...

I wish you a very successful show Donna! It sounds like a great restaurant - wish I could meet you there for fish tacos.

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Donna. We will have lunch before we hang the show. That makes it all worthwhile.

Ida M. Glazier said...

Beautiful work Donna. I wish you great sales and connections made. Love the comp's here.