Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nature is a Quiet Place

Last week I took the Windsurfer and Buckley to the other side of Klickitat County.  This is the wet side, whereas we live on the dry side.  The amazing thing about this spot is the quiet.  There are a few cars now and then, but once the sound of human activity stops there is complete silence.  Then my ear tunes into the sounds of birds and the buzzing of bugs.  Off in the distance there was the sound of a bullfrog, then, complete silence.  There would be a whisper of the trees, and a few noises of birds and again turn to silence.  It was wonderful.  Sometimes the quiet in nature allows us to quiet our minds and just listen, feel, and see.

We ate our picnic lunch under the shade of some Aspen trees and listened to nature.  Nature is a quiet place.

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