Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where the Rain Meets the Sun

Where the Rain Meets the Sun
A pastel painting.  

I have had the photo around since this fall and liked the photo, but could not decide if I could make it work.  Then I tried oil painting and had enormous fun with this picture and decided to try it in pastel.  This working back and forth with oil and pastel is working out in an amazing manner.  The oil gives me a fluid flow of creativity that is not always true of pastel.  I attempt things that I would never try with pastel.  I have not worked out the reason that this is true.  For now I warm up with a several small oil paintings and a big brush, then move over to a pastel painting.

I think that the fluid movement of oil is helping me.  The brush is an amazing wonderful tool.  Movement and flow.  The future is unlimited in terms of creativity.

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