Friday, January 20, 2012

The Distraction of Weather and Reworking

The top photo was taken this morning in our front yard, that is ice and snow on those trees.  Buckley was nearly hit by a falling branch yesterday, he was oblivious to the problem.  He is now on a short leash until the problem gets resolved/melted.

The painting has been reworked a bit.  After the Elizabeth Mowry workshop I decided it needed more softness.  What a contrast between winter and summer.

I have three new painting going and so posting new painting is going slow.  The weather has me distracted as limbs fall and I rush outside to make sure the house is okay.  We have more snow/ice on the way later today and then wind and rain.  I am so distracted by all this it is hard to get any painting done.  Also I am shoveling snow from our drive way and off the deck every few hours.  If I wait to long it just gets heavier and heavier............


Ida M. Glazier said...

Gee Donna , what a beautiful yard picture, even with all that snow! We have been so dry this winter, driest yet since 1883 they said on the news! And yesterday , with winds blasting 8o miles an hr--Reno had a terrible fire! Thats 60 some miles from us, and 28 homes were lost!!! Then it began to rain, and snow in the mts above Reno where lake TAhoe is , and snow to the valley floors tonight! Talk about odd stuff! Also, I do love the reworked painting---It does look softer, and recededs out there really nicely. Take care!

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Hi Ida, yes it has been very dry here as well, up until now and we are getting a winter's worth all at once. Thank you for your nice comment, I am much happier with this painting.

It will be a long night. More freezing rain and wind on the way. Our poor trees.

Warm regards,


Donna T said...

Hi Donna, it's good to see that Mowry influence at work in this painting. We have snow here too and I'm ready for it to be gone. It's pretty when the sun is out but that seems to be a rare thing. I find the grayness oppressive. You and Buckley stay warm and lets hope for an early spring.

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Donna T. Today we may get some sun and clearing. If we do, I will walk around and get some photo's. The snow is deep, but it is so very pretty when the sun appears. Also need to get out and shovel some potty spots for Buckley. He is having a hard time doing his business in this snow. Sometimes he can stand on the crust and then he breaks through. With arthritis it is so very frustrating for him. Poor little guy.