Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Peaceful Nature of Sheep

A shift from the golds of late summer to the greens of early summer.  This little herd of sheep was living close to our house.  Klickitat County has a history with sheep and cattle.  It is about the only thing this land will support.  Even that is a rough life, but sheep make everything peaceful.  These guys were grazing along the road and we stopped so I could take the photo.  Since that time I have been trying to figure out how to paint them.  After the workshop, ideas came to mind.  There was a lump of a hill between the sheep and the far simcoe mountains.  I removed the lump and came up with a nicer composition for the painting.  That cinder lump of a hill was holding me back.


Donna T said...

You are so right, Donna - sheep do make a painting feel peaceful. This is very nice and I don't miss any lumpy hill at all!

mom"el" said...

sheep certianly look peaceful but just wait till they get out of their pasture,Oh my!Never the less what a beautiful scene.

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Donna T and Mom. It is nice having you look and share thoughts. I do love sheep!