Friday, August 26, 2011

Day One and Two of the Pacific Northwest Plein Air Competition

Okay so let us skip day one.  I live on the dry, hot, side of the State and going from dry to green always throws me off.  Getting going again with greens and blues instead of the hot colors where I live is a challenge.  Not that it was not hot, it was very hot in Hood River, but the colors are much cooler.

On day two I met up with Rachel and had a better result.  Of course we had our little muse along and that always helps.  Although Buckley said. (through Rachel) that it was "very hot and he thought we were going to go for a little walk, not sit around in the hot sun."  I hurried right along and got the little muse home.  He is sleeping it off on the cool floor, I hear little snores and snuffles as he dreams doggy dreams, where the temperature is always perfect and green grass grows.


Rachel Harvey said...

it was fun, huh!

Donna Van Tuyl said...

It was Grand! Love days like today, although a little warm, it beats painting in wind.