Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Fire Fight

Today we painted up on a high plateau above the Columbia River. Directly across from us a wildfire was burning and firefighters were busy trying to get things under control. A couple of helicopters were flying from the river to the fire with big buckets dropping water on hot spots. All of this activity was amazing to watch. The terrain where the fire is located is extremely rough land. Not only are the hillsides steep and rocky, but infested with rattlesnakes. All added to the drama of the day.

We came to this location with the influences of the fire and found a fire hose laying out on the ground. I wondered if it had been abandoned or if it was there for easy access? Everything is extremely dry here, however, there is beauty in all of this. As I type this, all of the windows are open and we hear thunder off in the distance. A bit of a worry............

P.S. Buckley does not like thunder!

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