Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trout Lake Art Festival

Today we drove clear across the County to the Trout Lake Art Festival. We arrived early and I started scouting around for things to paint. My muse decided on this very sunny hot location and a view of the festival canopies. I argued the idea thinking that another location under some huge shade trees would be much nicer and more pleasant. I had huge doubts as this seemed to be the most difficult scene to paint. A complex arrangement of pure white canopies and a jumble of flowers? What was my muse thinking? I struggled on and half way through the scene I started thinking that maybe my muse was right. It turned into a fun little painting and so I started another one. This was a slight shift from the festival to the right with a field and these same flowers. My muse had left me by then, moved on to another and the resulting painting was a failure. But the day was good and the first painting made me happy. Listen to the muse!


Donna T said...

Nice ... festive! I am drawn to those tents and wish I could peek inside all of them (probably with my credit card out!)

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Donna. Some of the tents are PA artists that I paint with from time to time. Lots of people here at the Festival way out in the country.