Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Today en plein air

Mosier Plateau - 1st view

Upper Mosier Plateau
Buckley (a little under the weather)


Rachel Harvey said...

Poor Buckley! I'm glad it wasn't too windy for you all-- what a beautiful week it's been!

Donna T said...

Buckley, I hope you're feeling better! Donna needs you to be perky again so you can accompany her on another painting trip.

What beautiful locations to paint at, Donna! Looks like your paintings turned out real well. I would have trouble deciding which gorgeous view to paint!

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Hi Rachel and Donna T. Yes, Buckley is feeling much better. He has some kind of gastic upset. He is back in full today.

Donna, I think both of my paintings have potential and once I have fine tunned any problems, I will post the pictures. The choices were many and on the first scene I was drawn by the trees and on the second the flowing field of flowers in the foreground drew my eye.