Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Oak Street Hotel - April 1, 2010

Yesterday I took eighteen paintings to the Oak Street Hotel. This is a favorite location for me to have paintings and for many reasons. Last summer I wrote about the Hotel and I wish to again express my gratitude to Denise and Lisa, and also the reason it is a special place. Here my revised and updated review:

In past years I have had success showing at the Oak Street Hotel and success is always nice for an artist, however, more important for me is the enthusiasm and attitude of the people.

The Oak Street is a rare gem and one of those rare businesses where one feels immediately welcomed and the experience leaves one with a sense of warmth and generosity. It is important for me that my paintings are in such a location.

We enjoy our travels and as we have tried different types of vacation experiences we have discovered that some establishments have that elusive quality of warmth and generosity for the traveler. Places where the owners have put in that extra effort for guests. The Oak Street Hotel is one of those places. Extra details in decorating and making guests feel at home and welcomed is the experience. This is not something you expect at the local chain motel, vacation condo, or resort, and in my experience quit rare. Even on a budget you find those rare gems that money really cannot buy. It is in the extra care and extra effort that turns your travel into something special to be remembered. Below is a link to the Oak Street Hotel and enjoy your travels.

P.S. Be ready to smell wonderful baked goods upon entering the Hotel as they have freshly prepared pastries, Oak Street Hotel coffee and an assortment of teas and fresh fruit awaiting you each morning in the lobby.

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