Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cougars, Blue Birds, Meadowlarks, and Spring!

Our day started with a conversation about one or more Cougars in our neighborhood. Somehow this may dampen my efforts to plein air paint near home.

As we were getting ready to drive down to the Columbia River Gorge, I saw a flock of Bluebirds. I look forward every year to seeing them. They like to perch on things near the ground, like fence post or mail boxes, and so they are easy to spot. The blue when they are perched is more subtle, but when they fly you get to see that iridescent brilliant blue and it is always wonderful and a thrill to see. Then we drove down to the Gorge, found a nice spot to paint, have lunch, and as we settled in we were serenaded by Meadowlarks, another bird that I greatly anticipate its arrival. These birds announce their presence with a wonderful song, and you know that spring has arrived on time!


Ida M. Glazier said...

Hi Donna! Haven't seen you on WC for a while, but I do see your blog often! beautiful work of the gorge, and the aspens! You are very inspiring, and I am beginnig to plein air a lot more because of it! My blog is Please check it out! Thanks. Ida

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Ida. I miss everyone at WC, but find the computer simply takes up way too much painting time. So glad you stopped in for a visit. I would like to link to your blog, if that is okay with you.