Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gimmick Free Zone

I am calling this painting Lyle Point Pines.

Today's "Letter To Artists" by Robert Genn is particularly interesting. Here is a link to the letter: http://clicks.robertgenn.com/getting-noticed.php

This will clear up the bad idea of a gimmick to get noticed. In summary it simply takes long, long hours of painting and trying to find that elusive thing called quality.


Donna T said...

Donna, you don't ever have to worry about a lack of quality with your work. You have such an honest way of describing what you see and feel. Beautiful pines and I love what's going on with the grasses too!

Tatiana Myers said...

Lovely painting!

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Donna and Tatiana. It is always nice to hear from fellow artists. Hope this finds you both painting!