Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From Plein Air to Studio - Water Music

Water Music 22"X18"

The setup

This was one of those paintings that paints itself, it flows, so to speak. Having said that it should be explained that the painting was started in September on a hot summer day. The night before the plein air outing I thought about this spot as something I would like to attempt. The next day some of the Northwest Pastel Society members and I met at the Columbia Gorge Hotel and we painted. This went rather quickly that day and I have thought about a larger painting since then. On a rainy day I worked indoors on the larger version. I started with a watercolor underpainting and left if for a day. On the following day I worked in pastel and then again let it rest for a day. Then today fininshed with a few corrections here and there.


Tatiana Myers said...

Very pretty, Donna! And how lucky you are to see all that beauty and to be able to reflect it.

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Tatiana. With winter upon us, it is nice to reflect back on the summer months and see what I can do with more time and less bugs.

Anonymous said...

Serene, yet powerful. Scott and Anna will surely be reminded of The Gorge when they see the waterfall.