Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plein Air Day!

Today was a plein air day. Light winds, cold, but very beautiful out in nature. With spring just getting started the sublte nuances of color and value becomes important in landscape work. So getting out painting is of particular importance. It is not just about green. It is about the suble changes of winter wheat colors to green that become important.

The first two photo's were taken on The Dalles Mountain Road. I painted just off the road and enjoyed the dust that blew into my face and everything else whenever a car went by. This is a gravel road and the wild flower viewers were out in force. Most automobiles went by at a reasonable pace with a bit less of that lovely dust in my face. It was the locals with dogs riding shotgun that seemed to be in the biggest hurry. I am sure it was just another work day for them.

Then I went down to the Little Klickitat to do a study of young Cottonwood trees.


Donna T said...

Looks like you had a great day of painting, Donna. Were you by yourself? If I wasn't so afraid of being so vulnerable I would get a lot more painting done!

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Hello Donna. My husband and doggy were with me on the first outing. Then on the second outing it was just the me and our dog. The second location is about four block from our home and I feel very safe. I do not like going out alone either, I find it hard to get settled.

Karen McLain said...

Great painting! I really like the colors and feel.

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Thank you Karen. Some days work goes easier than others. On Sunday I was able to get something of what I wanted, such a rare thing while plein air painting.