Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Perfect Day On Top of the World

Yesterday a couple of us plein air painters met at a place called Tom McCall Preserve. This is high up on a cliff above the Columbia River. Because the wind was not blowing on this day, it was spectacular and a very rare calm day.
Below are some photos of the day with Buckley my trusty guard dog.
The question of what to paint was easily decided by me because everyone paints the same scene. We artists in the Gorge paint the river view over, and over again. I decided on the cliff and was pleased with the choice. The river though grand is not the only story to be told on this day. I love these high basalt rocks and the pine trees that find shelter from the constant wind.

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Donna T said...

Wow! Impressive painting, Donna! When I see scenes like this I'm always amazed at how anything can cling to the side of a cliff like that. Those trees are determined! Wonderful sense of height and distance, too.