Monday, June 16, 2008

Silver Star Gallery

We returned yesterday from a trip to one of my more effective galleries. We visited with Susan a very high-spirited friend and gallery manager. Last year Susan sold about 37 of my paintings. April Monday is the gallery owner and also a partner/jewlery designer at Goldsmith Lucerne located next door to the Silver Star Gallery

I see gallery people as friends and partners in this job of creating paintings. When I am out in the mountains doing battle with snakes and bugs or quietly working at home, I think of Susan and April at the Silver Star Gallery. They are my link with collectors and people interested in paintings.

Susan and I talked about what can be done to bring my career to the next level. As I stood in the gallery thinking about this, I was reminded of a time early in my career when I asked a successful artist friend this very question. I thought the answer would be about marketing, or getting awards at shows as I waited impatiently for the perfect action that I could take. I was told simply,
"paint well, often, work on quality, and the rest will take care of itself."

That is what I have set out to do. I paint and let Susan be the bridge between private creativity and the world of collectors. I will enter some competitions, but only because doing so is fun. For example, I hope to be in the upcoming Plein Air Competition sponsored by the Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River. Another is the Gorge Artists Create competition sponsored by The Dalles Art Center.

Participation in these competitions is fun and the competition is rigorous. Getting an award is exciting, however, this artist friend also told me,
"winning an award does not make you paint any better."
If you are ever in Chelan the Silver Star Gallery is located at 108 East Woodin. This is on the main street and a wonderful location with plenty of parking behind the store. Tell Susan that you read about her on this blog. I am sure it will make her day and bring one of those wonderful smiles that will make yours.

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