Monday, May 19, 2008

First Time Blogger

This is something I have been resisting for some time. I thought that blogging would keep me from painting and so far it has. However, maybe the value of a blog will be greater than not painting for an hour or two, or, however long it takes me to create my first blog.

The purpose of this is to create a log of my work. The first idea of a painting and the day in the life of my work. You will hear about my galleries, my walks, and life as a painter.

The idea of this came from a friend and fellow painter, Celeste Bergin. Celeste and I painted together at Mayer State Park in the Gorge and exchanged information. I found Celeste's blog to be of great value in getting to know her and her work. She is open and free with the people she knows and the work they do. This is about painting and painters that cross my path along the way.

Last week I had the oportunity to paint near Mt. Adams. Here is a photo of my setup and the painting that I started. Today I hope to put the finishing touches on the painting and post on my website.


Anonymous said...

Donna, I left one comment already. But it did not show up here. I gave you my suggestion of progressive photographs.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog and the photots. Want to watch it often to see your work and read your thoughts about why you do things the way you do them and what inspires you! Is that OK? Love your work on wetcanvas, too

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Dear anonymous, of course, I would truly love to have you look, comment, and share art! I think people can subscribe to this and get an email whenever I update. I will check that out more....Donna